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    One-piece suits for children

    This is where you can find a wide range of different types of LEGO® Wear one-piece suits for children. Crucial to one-piece suits is that they are hard-wearing, but that they at the same time allow for freedom to move, so that the kids can play freely even though they are wearing a one-piece suit.

    It doesn’t hurt either if the suit is cool or sweet, maybe with some awesome colors or cute motives. The point of departure in our design process is the LEGO universe, and the child will see that in the one-piece suit and will be able to draw parallel to his or her LEGO toys and all the well-known LEGO characters.

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    The LEGO Wear one-piece suits come in many pretty colors, have the cutest prints, and are made of high-quality materials. Inspired by LEGO’s world, LEGO Wear designs cool one-piece suits for children with LEGO motives. You will easily be able to get some idea of the various functions in the different styles and thereby find exactly that one-piece suit that matches your son’s or daughter’s need.

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