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Outerwear for children

This is the place to come looking for outerwear for your son or daughter. KABOOKI offers a variety of seasonal outerwear for children, and all styles are made of great materials. There are short puffer jackets, long puffer jackets, coats, lightweight jackets, and transition jackets to choose from. The KABOOKI outerwear is made for girls and boys from 5 to 16 years.

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The KABOOKI outerwear is the perfect choice for your child when you are searching for an easy-going jacket that is cool but at the same time doesn’t stand out. The designs are subtle and universal, and the colours are trendy, yet safe. We have chosen this design approach because we want the outerwear to last longer than just one season. This is not fast fashion; this is sustainable fashion. Quality materials have been carefully selected to ensure a long lifespan. This all comes from a sustainability perspective. We want to do our part to reduce excess production in the clothing industry. So, when you choose KABOOKI clothes, you make a better choice for the environment. In addition to that, the outerwear is treated with the environmentally friendly coating Bionic Finish ECO which contains no fluorine substances.

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